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claudia nichole

Home to the world’s finest cashmere, Alashan Cashmere brings you Claudia Nichole and Caroline Grace - a fashionable collection produced from superior fiber quality at affordable prices. Combining comfort, warmth and fashion - forward thinking, here are a few reasons to love this collection:

Beautiful, soft cashmere in an array of styles that will excite the senses!

Offering a hue for every woman, all styles are available in 50+ colors.

Fresh and contemporary, styles are perfect for year-round-wear and available for immediate reorder.

With an affordable price-point and finest materials and craftsmanship, the collection is a nice complement to other popular cashmere lines in-store.

Features the best-selling “Dress Topper”, which is available in all colors, one-size-fits-all.

Click here to download FALL 2019 Claudia Nichole Color Card

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